6 Summer Accessory Trends All the Cool Girls Are Suddenly Wearing

Truth be told, I’m more of a fall style girl, but I have to say—nothing beats summer accessories. Summer accessory trends have the power to make your outfits infinitely more fun. It may be unbearably hot outside, but if I get to wear a cute pair of earrings and a Miu Miu hat, I actually don’t mind the heat as much. This summer, just like the overarching theme in fashion this year, the biggest accessory trends are a mix of playful and elegant. Next to those seashell earrings, you’ll find top-handle vanity bags (more on those later).

Below, I’ve highlighted six summer accessory trends I keep seeing stylish people wear—from Australia to NYC. These universally loved trends are impactful enough to make even your plainest of summer outfits look special. So if you’re interested in improving your summer outfits and looking on-trend, keep scrolling to shop the accessories everyone will compliment you on (and want to copy you).

Vanity Bags

Vanity bags, inspired by the viral, impossible-to-find Loro Piana Pouch Bags, have become one of the biggest trends of the season. Bottega Veneta and Savette vanity bags are also flying out of stock.

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