According to Experts, These Are the 8 Mood-Boosting Nail Colours Everyone Will Be Asking for This Summer

I’ve already lost count of the number of incredible nail trends that have emerged in 2024 so far. Whether it’s trending colours like buttermilk yellow and sky blue or kitsch strawberry-print nails and ‘90s inspired manicures, there have been so many incredible nail art ideas to inspire our trips to the salon. And while pared-back minimalist nail art is certainly popular right now, bright nail colours are enjoying a resurgence too.

“I love that a bright manicure brings joy,” exclaims international nail artist Julia Diogo. “Not only to the client, but also to us—the manicurists. Bright nails are an expression of personality and I love it. Nails aren’t forever and can always be changed, so injecting some fun, joy and boldness is great!”

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And Diogo isn’t the only expert who is passionate about the mood-boosting benefits of a bright nail colour. “You can really capture a mood through nail colour and studies even show that people affiliate certain shades with emotions, so they can be utilised as an effective mood booster,” says session manicurist Ami Streets. “Reds and pinks are linked with love, orange with joy, and purple for pleasure—so it’s something to think about when you’re choosing your next bright colour.”

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As for the most popular bright nail colour trends right now? There is a rainbow of hues to choose from. Ahead, our experts share the shades that their clients are asking for on repeat, and their predictions for which vibrant colours everyone will be wearing in the months ahead.

1. Sunshine Yellow

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Style Notes: Yellow nails have been hugely popular in 2024 so far, and it’s an obvious choice if you’re looking for a bright manicure with a sunny disposition. “Lots of clients seem to be going yellow—and not only pastel ,but also bright yellow which I love,” says Diogo.

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2. Hot Red

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Style Notes: Red nails are a timeless manicure option, particularly because there are so many iterations of the shade—and a bright, fiery red is the perfect entry point if you’re dabbling with more vibrant colours. “A red hot mani is always popular, particularly shades with a bright orange base which works especially well with olive or tanned skin tones,” explains Streets.

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3. Sky Blue

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Style Notes: Blue nails are emerging as one of summer’s biggest nail trends, and sky-blue in particular makes the perfect option if you want a bright nail that will go with everything. “Chanel’s limited edition shimmering metallic blue shade Lagune has been really poular with clients,” says Streets. “Inspired by the marine world, it’s the perfect holiday colour.”