Australia’s 20 largest property groups keep growing

Australian property has been strong over the past 12 months, driving up the value of some of the largest property groups in the country.

According to Yahoo Finance and Insider Monkey, the value of Australian property companies and Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) listed on the ASX have mostly grown as interest rates have remained stable over the past year.

Since the start of 2023, some of the largest property companies, including Australia’s largest property company Goodman Group (up 91 per cent), have seen their values nearly double.

However, not all companies have seen their values rise, with names like Dexus and Mirvac, trading lower than at the start of 2023.

Here are Australia’s 20 largest property companies as of May 10, 2024.

1. Goodman Group (ASX:GMG)

Market Capitalisation: $42.2 Billion

Goodman Group leads as the largest property group listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX).

Specialising in logistics, distribution centres, and business parks, it boasts a global presence across 14 countries. 

2. Scentre Group (ASX:SCG)

Market Capitalisation: $10.9 Billion

Scentre Group holds second spot, with a focus on operating 42 Westfield destinations, predominantly in Australia. 

Its extensive portfolio includes 3600 retail partners across 12,000 outlets and is valued at $10.9 billion, it’s a significant player in the real estate market.

3. Stockland (ASX:SGP)

Market Capitalisation: $7.2 Billion

Stockland ranks among the largest diversified Australian property groups.

It specialises in master-planned communities, medium-density housing, and retail town centres, with a market valuation of $7.2 billion.

4. Vicinity Centres (ASX:VCX)

Market Capitalisation: $5.7 Billion

Vicinity Centres has a $5.7 billion market capitalisation and is known for its retail ownership and management nationwide.

However, its portfolio extends beyond retail to encompass office developments and living spaces.

5. Mirvac Group (ASX:MGR)

Market Capitalisation: $5.4 Billion

Mirvac Group boasts an integrated property investment and development business. 

Renowned for creating vibrant urban spaces, it manages assets worth over $30 billion.

6. The GPT Group (ASX:GPT)

Market Capitalisation: $5.4 Billion

The GPT Group manages a diverse $30 billion asset portfolio spanning retail, office, and logistics sectors. 

Valued at $5.4 billion, it plays a significant role in shaping Australia’s urban infrastructure and commercial landscapes.

7. Dexus (ASX:DXS)

Market Capitalisation: $5.1 Billion

Dexus operates as a fully integrated Australian real asset group, boasting a $15.8 billion asset and investment portfolio. 

With a market Capitalisation of $5.1 billion, it’s a key player in office, industrial, healthcare, retail, and infrastructure sectors.

8. Charter Hall Group (ASX:CHC)

Market Capitalisation: $3.8 Billion

Charter Hall Group is a major fully integrated property investment and funds management group. 

With core investments in industrial and logistics, office, retail, and social infrastructure, it commands a market cap of $3.8 billion, shaping Australia’s real estate landscape.

9. Lendlease Group (ASX:LLC)

Market Capitalisation: $2.9 Billion

Lendlease Group excels in developing suburban communities, retirement villages, and mixed-use precincts. 

With iconic projects like the Sydney Opera House under its belt, it commands a $2.9 billion market cap, leaving a significant imprint on Australia’s built environment.

10. National Storage REIT (ASX:NSR)

Market Capitalisation: $1.9 Billion

National Storage REIT emerges as a leader in Australia’s self-storage sector, serving over 90,000 residential and commercial clients across storage centres.

11. HomeCo Daily Needs REIT (ASX:HDN)

Market Capitalisation: $1.72 Billion

HomeCo Daily Needs REIT specialises in convenience-based assets, focusing on neighbourhood retail, large format retail, and health services.

12. PEXA Group Limited (ASX:PXA)

Market Capitalisation: $1.71 Billion

PEXA Group Limited revolutionised property settlements in Australia through its digital platform. 

13. BWP Trust (ASX:BWP)

Market Capitalisation: $1.69 Billion

BWP Trust stands as the largest owner of Bunnings Warehouse sites in Australia, managing commercial properties nationwide. 

14. Charter Hall Long WALE REIT (ASX:CLW)

Market Capitalisation: $1.68 Billion

Charter Hall Long WALE REIT manages a diverse portfolio spanning office, industrial & logistics, and retail sectors. 

15. Region Group (ASX:RGN)

Market Capitalisation: $1.67 Billion

Region Group operates as a real estate investment trust with a focus on convenience-based retail properties. 

16. HMC Capital Limited (ASX:HMC)

Market Capitalisation: $1.61 Billion

HMC Capital Limited specialises in managing real estate-focused funds, catering to individuals, institutions, and super funds. 

17. Centuria Industrial REIT (ASX:CIP)

Market Capitalisation: $1.35 billion

Centuria Industrial REIT stands as the largest domestic pure-play industrial property investment vehicle in Australia. 

18. Ingenia Communities Group (ASX:INA)

Market Capitalisation: $1.3 billion

Ingenia Communities Group specialises in lifestyle and holiday communities, providing affordable accommodation primarily for seniors. 

19. Charter Hall Retail REIT (ASX:CQR)

Market Capitalisation: $1.28 billion

Charter Hall Retail REIT dominates as a leading owner of convenience retail properties across Australia and New Zealand. 

20. Growthpoint Properties Australia (ASX:GOZ)

Market Capitalisation: $1.18 billion

Growthpoint Properties Australia specialises in investing in industrial and office properties nationwide. 

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