Brendan Lappan on building a business from the ground up

Only 18 months into his real estate career, Brendan Lappan picked up and moved to a new area 45 minutes away, with no network, no market share and no listings.

While he might not make the same decision 20 years later, the Chairman’s Elite performer and associate partner at Ray White Macarthur Group, says it was the move that took him to the next stage in his career. 

In this interview with Ray White Head of Performance and Recognition, Bianca Denham, Brendan talks about how he was able to build a business from the ground up and what he did to take his career to the next level.

He also talks about how to build a high-performing team, the most important metrics you need to know and how to build momentum early in your career.

“Right from the start we had to squeeze every bit of juice out of everything, every buyer enquiry, every listing, every door knock. Once we started, we knew it was make or break and if we weren’t super sharp, it wasn’t going to work.” – Brendan Lappan

Bianca and Brendan also discuss:

  • The key things you need to do to build momentum quickly when you start in the industry.
  • The value of being in a large franchise if you want to grow your business and develop as an agent.
  • How to make sales when times are tough and the market slows down.
  • The importance of customer service, and doing the small things in a quiet market.
  • How to keep improving after you have been in the industry for a long period of time.
  • Why you need to be fully committed to your clients to achieve success at any level of real estate.
  • How to build a team in the right way so you don’t burn out and can continue to grow.
  • The golden ratio that tells you how many employees you need while still being a profitable business.
  • How to ensure there are no leaks with customer enquiries and how to put the right systems in place to capitalise on the good things.
  • Why days on market is the key metric you need to focus on to drive profits.

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