Celebrating South Asian Beauty and Inclusivity Is at the Heart of This Brand

As a teenager, I avoided stepping into Sephora with my friends during shopping trips for one specific reason: I could never find products that looked good with my skin tone. The sparkly pink lip glosses my schoolmates gravitated toward appeared white against my brown lips and the complexion products I tested on the back of my hand always leaned too red, orange, or gray. I would step toward the corner of the store with a basket in one hand and my cell phone in the other, pretending to pay no mind to the excitement buzzing around me.

I knew that even if I spent hours sifting through the endless shelves of products, there wouldn’t be much for me. Thanks to BIPOC+ beauty brand founders like Priyanka Ganjoo, my experience at Sephora has changed for the better. Her brand, Kulfi Beauty, officially launched in 2021 and landed itself on the shelves of the major beauty retailer. With Ganjoo at its helm, the brand focuses on celebrating and sharing South Asian beauty, drawing from cultural practices, experiences, and conversations among less-represented individuals in the beauty space.

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