Celebrating the Journey to Becoming a Dad

According to the National Center for Fathering, over 20 million children live in a home without the physical presence of a dad. That’s a staggering number!

I can relate to what each one of those boys and girls is going through. My dad left our family when I was five and died an alcoholic a few years later. Hank, my stepdad, walked out on my siblings and me the day of my mother’s funeral. Even my foster dad, Mr. Reil, made my life more unstable, not less.

Those experiences taught me that an intact family is a healthy family. And the surest way to create an intact family is to encourage men to become godly role models in their household.

But how do we do that in a culture that has undermined the role of men and fathers?

Joining me on Focus on the Family with Jim Daly to talk about this important issue is Benjamin Watson. He is most recognized for playing 17 seasons in the NFL and winning a Super Bowl ring in 2004 with the New England Patriots. He is married to Kirsten, with whom he has seven children.

We discussed how to help men be physically, emotionally, and spiritually present in the lives of their children. We also discussed:

  • How new dads can care for their wives during pregnancy.
  • Why new dads should think of their baby’s arrival as a Super Bowl.
  • How the experiences of fatherhood shape a man.
  • How men can leave a godly legacy.

Hear my full conversation with Benjamin on your local radio station, online, on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, via Google Podcasts, or listen on our free phone app.

Benjamin and his wife Kirsten are featured speakers at our See Life 2024 event, coming up tomorrow, June 15th! Join us to learn more about how to help expectant mothers in your own community and celebrate the value of every preborn child! You can attend here at our Focus on the Family campus in Colorado Springs if you live in the area. Or you can find a simulcast at a local church, or even livestream the event from home. Click here for more information.

Benjamin Watson’s book The New Dad’s Playbook: Gearing Up for the Biggest Game of Your Life is available for a gift of any amount, we’ll send you a copy as a way of saying thank you for touching others with the love of Christ. Click here for more information, or call 1-800-A-FAMILY (232-6459).

Happy Father’s Day!

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