Christian Pulisic on Life in Italy, AC Milan’s New Uniforms, and Missing American Candy

Milan’s new threads were inspired by the city’s gothic architecture and come in two distinct colorways. There’s a black one and a white one (pictured above), each with the type of funky collar that we love to see. The black ones will see the pitch first, against Napoli, while the white ones will get their time in the spotlight on February 18 against Monza. Pulisic, showing visible excitement when asked about playing in them, cannot seem to wait. “These jerseys are actually really nice! It’s a cool look,” he said. “I think it’s going to look really good. I do get excited for a cool jersey. I’ll definitely keep them.”

Like many American children, Pulisic was a jersey collector in his youth. “I was a big jersey guy,” he said. “I’ve had so many different ones. I wore my Wayne Rooney kit so much. That was one of my favorite ones.” Despite living in one of the world’s premiere fashion cities now, Pulisic admits he’s yet to fully take advantage of all the retail therapy Milan has to offer. “I’m not a big shopping guy, to be honest, but there are definitely some nice places to go here,” he laughs. “It’s a great city for that.”

When he signed with AC Milan over the summer, Pulisic not only agreed to a contract with a pillar of world football, he also signed up for life in his third different European country. (After leaving Dortmund, he spent four years playing for Chelsea and living in London.) Now a few months into the Milanese groove, he’s taken note of a few things. “It’s much more relaxed than London, slightly friendlier than Germany,” he offers. “They’ve been super welcoming. I’m enjoying it a lot. The support, I mean you can just feel the energy and the passion from everyone in the stadium. It’s a special stadium, for sure. I’ve been in some good atmospheres in Europe, but this is definitely the best.” As for his mastery of the Italian language? “I’m doing my best, taking lessons. I can understand everything the coaches are saying!”

The transition from London to Milan was also made easier by some immediate success on the pitch. Pulisic netted a goal in each of his first two games with Milan, including this absolute screamer during his debut. “It’s not something that’s going to happen—scoring, that is—every time you debut [with a new club]. It obviously helps a lot and gives you a lot of confidence,” Pulisic concedes. “But there have been times where I’ve gone places and my first game was extremely difficult. It’s about patience and trusting that the work that you put in will pay off. No one’s going to score every single game. Sometimes it takes a bit, sometimes it happens right away. That’s just life!”

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