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DeSantis refuses to address 2024 chatter. ‘People just have to chill out a bit

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, Florida Governor, declined Wednesday to comment on the growing divide between Republicans about who represents the party’s future, he or Donald Trump. Instead, he said, “People just have to relax a bit on some of the stuff.”

“I mean, seriously. DeSantis stated that they just won an election at a Lee County news conference. “We have the Georgia (Senate), runoff coming, which makes it very important for Republicans that they win that Georgia runoff.”

DeSantis, however, continued to praise his performance in last Wednesday’s election in which he beat Democrat Charlie Crist by 19 points, and called Florida “the greatest bright spot” for Republicans.

DeSantis stated that “it wasn’t so bright in many others parts of the country.” “It was the substandard performance given the dynamics at play.”

These remarks were made after DeSantis was asked questions about Trump’s recent criticisms of him. The Florida governor dismissed the question as “noise”.

DeSantis wasn’t asked anything about Trump’s decision not to launch a third presidential campaign.

Wednesday’s comments by DeSantis were not a glimpse into his future political plans. Instead, he

looked ahead at the Florida legislative session that will see Republicans have a supermajority of both chambers.

He said, “What people like myself, who have been allowed to continue, is, okay, let’s make something of that.” “And the reason we won our historic victory was that in the end, we led, delivered, and had your back when it mattered. This is how we won large.

Positive mood

DeSantis spoke Tuesday to a group of Republican donors in Orlando, Florida. He talked about his strength in the suburbs and rural turnout efforts, as well as his appeal to Latino voters during his reelection victory.

A person present at the meeting said that DeSantis pitched the idea in a casual tone, which reflected his positive mood following his win last week.

A group of 250 people, including donors to the Republican Governors Association and governors and their spouses, stood up for DeSantis at the end of his conversation with the outgoing Nebraska Governor. Pete Ricketts. According to the person present, DeSantis showed in detail how he performed across the state, winning traditional Democratic Miami-Dade County and Palm Beach counties.

Ricketts asked DeSantis what he wanted to do with Republican governors. He said that he wanted to focus on growing so-called environmental and social governance (ESG) investment funds, as well as improving border security.

Unaffected by the remarks of the governor, a second source confirmed that DeSantis didn’t mention Trump at Tuesday’s event. This was before Trump announced his 2024 campaign.

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