Everyone's Talking About Gucci Ancora, But What Actually Is It?

Last September when Gucci’s new Creative Director Sabato De Sarno debuted his inaugural collection for the brand, he introduced us to a fresh term from the Gucci dictionary: Gucci Ancora. Marking the beginning of his time at the helm—and a step away from the “maximalist era” that Gucci developed over the course of Alessandro Michele’s tenure—De Sarno launched the Gucci Ancora campaign with a namesake spring/summer 2024 runway show in Milan.

Between the maelstrom of the changing of the guard and the social media buzz following the freshly coined term, you might not have picked up on exactly what “Gucci Ancora” meant. Rest assured you’re not alone in this, for the term “what is Gucci Ancora?” is currently being searched for on Google. So, what is Gucci Ancora and what does it mean for the heritage brand?