Fashion's Leading Millennial Alexa Chung Just Wore the Controversial Colour Gen Z Loves

Be it with the growing popularity of Y2K, or what seems like an never-ending supply of TikTok aesthetics, I’ll admit, the more Gen Z makes its mark on fashion, the more it becomes clear that my millennial style sensibilities differ from the generation after me. Don’t get me wrong, there are aspects I can appreciate—I love a good vintage find, or can appreciate a jort in summer as much as the next 22-year old, but there are also nuances where our tastes diverge. One such distinction lies in the colour palette we gravitate towards. Enter the colour purple—no I’m not talking about the acclaimed film starring Oprah Winfrey (which I loved!), but the hue that seems to be at the heart of this generational divide. While Gen Z embraces it wholeheartedly, millennials have been somewhat hesitant to embrace its vibrant allure. However, recent sightings of style maven Alexa Chung sprinkling the shade into her outfits have sparked intrigue, challenging even the most steadfast of colour skeptics, myself included.


Although I’ve not usually been a friend of lilac, violet and all those hues in between, one look at the multiple ways Alexa has been styling it is all it took for me to give this shade another chance. One thing I’ll say, it has an ability to inject some freshness—pair your monochromatic spring uniform with a pop of purple et violà, it looks and feels new. Whether it’s a lavender knit sweater layered over those trusty pair of jeans or a bold magenta skirt paired with a white cotton blouse, the options are as endless.

It has also been a strong season for purple on the SS24 runways with Miu Miu debuting a ruched bright purple skirt, finished with grey and white floral patterns for a fun and flirty touch. Along with Loewe gracing the runway with a purple button down cardigan, styled with a beige asymmetrical midi shorts and brown mary-jane mules–an outfit I will very much be replicating.


(Image credit: Courtesy of Loewe)

High street favourites like COS offer ribbed tank tops in shades ranging from soft lilac to rich plum, perfect for layering or wearing solo as temperatures rise. For those seeking a designer touch, pieces from brands like Zimmermann and Ganni often integrate purple into their collections, offering statement-making options for any occasion. And if your Instagram feed is anything like mine, you’ve likely noticed the influx of influencers, editors and stylists alike showcasing their own take on the purple trend, further solidifying its status as a must-have for the season ahead.


Whether you’re a die-hard Gen Z trendsetter or a skeptical millennial like myself, there’s no denying the magnetic pull for a slice magenta every now and then, and it seems the fan club is growing by day. With its ability to breathe new life into your wardrobe and elevate your style game with minimal effort, I think it just might be time to embrace this colour revolution and make room for a little purple magic in your closet. Below are a few pieces that have caught my attention.

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