Hours of Sleuthing Later, I Discovered 15 Beauty Products That Dua Lipa Loves

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When taking a walk through the intersecting realms of beauty and music, one name reigns supreme when it comes to my personal beauty inspiration: Dua Lipa. The singer and actor has captivated audiences worldwide, and while I love her entire discography, her beauty game is just as stellar. Her distinctive style and signature aesthetic are unique, authentic, and edgy—the perfect blend of flawless skin, statement-making makeup, and always-evolving hair color.

Her red carpet appearances and Instagram posts are as iconic as her top-tier songs, so I had to figure out what the songstress was using within her beauty routine. After hours of scouring every corner of the internet, I finally discovered the must-have beauty items Lipa can’t seem to live without. Whether you’re a fan or simply seeking inspiration to elevate your own beauty routine, keep reading to learn more about the beauty products Dua Lipa loves.

Dua Lipa’s Must-Have Beauty Products

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