I Just Came Back From Coachella—5 Summer-Ready Trends I Spotted Everywhere

Influencer at Coachella wearing summer 2024 fashion trend, a mesh dress.

Another Coachella has come and gone, proving that festival season is the perfect kick-off to see all of the new summer trends emerging on the horizon. I attended Weekend 1 this year, and while I was excited to see some of my favorite artists like Tyler, The Creator and Lana Del Rey, I was even more excited to see what people would wear. In the midst of a suspected indie sleeze summer, you could feel Coachella’s retro influences come into play with fashion.

Like most summer trends, Coachella seemed to be the starting line for this year’s warm-weather aesthetics to come out and play. From sheer dresses to Cowboy Carter-inspired footwear, scroll below to read my on-the-ground scene report of the best upcoming summer trends that made their way through the Coachella festival grounds this year (including the ones I packed).

Riding Boots

Influencer at Coachella wearing hot pink halter top and black shorts with tall black boots.

No surprise that simple, sleek riding boots and moto boots made an appearance during Coachella this year. Not only are they perfect for long days on your feet, but they’re the ideal accessory that goes with nearly anything you pack for a few days in the desert.

Personal Details

Influencer at Coachella wearing pink jersey, white midi skirt and custom Adidas sneakers with ribbons.

This year, personalization was everything. From bag charms to done-up sneakers, festival goers opted to play up their run-of-the-mill accessories to make a statement. Danya Issawi, Fashion writer at the Cut, told me one of her festival fashion highlights was getting to personalize a pair of her Adidas sneakers for the festival, opting to add ribbons, pins, and a string of pearls onto her shoe.

Sheer Dresses

Influencer at Coachella wearing bedazzled sheer dress with black bra, black underwear and round sunglasses.

In typical summer fashion, sheer and mesh dresses came out to play. While there’s plenty of styles to chose from, a majority of attendees opted for maxi-length see-through options to be extra on-trend during this year’s festival.

Coachella Carter

Influencer at Coachella wearing black halter top, black cowboy hat, black leather shorts and black cowboy boots.

What would Coachella be without a bit of a Queen Bey influence? While Beyoncé’s country album just came out and headliner Lana Del Rey is working on her own Southern-inspired sound with upcoming album, “Lasso,” there was no shortage of Western-inspired elements on the grounds this year. Think cowboy boots, hats, micro shorts, and fringe everything.

Over Accessorizing

Infuencers at Coachella, three woman wearing white and cream outfits.

The most surefire, easy way to feel Coachella-esque is to play up every outfit you have with an abundance of accessories. Whether it be belts, earrings, sunglasses, or body chains, adding an extra statement or two to any plain outfit is the definition of fun, summer dressing.