I Was a VIP Nordstrom Stylist—These 7 Items Make My Outfits Feel More Elite

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You could say that curating wardrobes is Sandy Koszarek’s “thing.” She spent years as a VIP stylist at Nordstrom where she helped clients build out their closets and currently creates styling content for her brand, Stylish Sandy. She often shares key items she deems essential to a wardrobe. Next up, she sharinh the current hero pieces in her wardrobe because they help make her outfits feel more elite.

The pieces in question feel particularly elevated, bringing that desirable relevant and refined spin to a look. In other words, when Koszarek styles one of these elite items, her ensembles feel next-level, chic, and compliment-worthy. Keep scrolling to check out Koszarek’s A+ wardrobe staples, along with styling and shopping inspiration.

1. White Button-Up Shirt

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“A white button-up makes my wardrobe feel elevated. It’s a versatile staple that always adds a chic, polished touch to any outfit. I switch to a linen style in summer to stay cool and stylish.” — Koszarek

2. Trousers

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“I love wearing trousers, especially linen ones when it’s warmer. They’re a comfortable wardrobe staple and look chic with slingback heels, sneakers, or sandals.” — Koszarek

3. Chic Black Dress

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“A little black dress is a classic piece I wear when I want a sophisticated and elevated look. It’s timeless and always looks chic.” — Koszarek

4. Modern Denim

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“Modern denim is the starting point for many outfits. I love wearing straight or wide-leg jeans with a white T-shirt or button-up for a chic, classic look.” — Koszarek

5. Tailored Blazer

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“A tailored blazer is a favorite staple in my wardrobe that instantly elevates any outfit. When it’s warmer, I wear linen to stay cool while looking chic and sophisticated.” — Koszarek

6. Slingbacks

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“Slingbacks are a wardrobe staple that look chic and elevated with everything from dresses to shorts. This season, I’m adding a kitten heel slingback to my wardrobe!” — Koszarek

7. Striped Cardigan

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“I often wear cardigans. A striped style draped over my shoulders always feels elite and elevated and is a simple way to add a sophisticated touch to my outfit.” — Koszarek

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