If You Have Any Interest In Looking Chic This Fall, These Zara Finds Are Your In

Whenever a new season starts, especially one as stylistically relevant as fall, I find it extremely difficult to resist spending a heap of money I don’t necessarily have on fresh wardrobe items that’ll lead me down a path to elegance and sartorial supremacy. All of those fall runway collections I’ve read, talked, and written about for so long are finally being released, leading to all sorts of girl math that doesn’t quite add up. My solution each and every year? To first peruse Zara’s fall arrivals, which more often than not keep me from giving into temptation and blowing my entire budget for the year on one or two items, all the while getting me to the same goal of overall chicness for the season ahead. 

Once again, my go-to resource has come through, with Zara’s latest drops for autumn all more than satisfying my wardrobe cravings. There are classic coats (both maxi and cropped), statement accessories, and timeless basics that will become the backbone of my style in the coming months. Really, the 31 items I rounded up below check off every box. And if you don’t believe me, see for yourself. Get five products in and you’ll be convinced to initiate your fall wardrobe planning right now and at Zara. 

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