I’m a Fragrance-Obsessed Beauty Editor—This Is My Signature Spring Scent


When it comes to fragrance, some people can adopt a new scent almost instantly, and then there are those who are super selective—I fall into the latter category. I love a good scent; there’s something about how a fragrance can transport you to a different time or evoke a specific mood and memory that I find utterly captivating. But when it comes to choosing a signature scent for the new season—a decision that I spend a fair amount of time considering—there’s one brand I know I can always count on; Molton Brown. The perfume market is a saturated one, and working in beauty, I’m frequently introduced to the next “viral” scent, but most fail to keep my interest year after year. Molton Brown, with its enduring allure and distinctive essence, maturally resonates with my discerning taste in fragrances.

Founded in 1971 in London, it’s more than just a brand to me—the scents take me on a nostalgic journey through memories, as many of them remind me of a time in my life, and smelling them takes me right back. From the moment I first stumbled upon the brand’s products, I was hooked. From the zesty burst of Orange & Bergamot that I loved as a teenager to the warm embrace of Re-Charge Black Pepper (I bought my first bottle with my first paycheck), the brand has always been a part of my story. Molton Brown’s commitment to quality and the ability to evoke the spirit of each season never fails to inspire me. That’s why it’s always my first stop when I’m on the hunt for a new scent.


Take the floral notes of the Rhubarb & Rose collection, for example. With a delicate blend of rhubarb, rose and yuzu fruit, it’s like a bouquet of flowers in full bloom, reminding me of sunny summer days spent in lush gardens. And then there are the brand’s woody scents, like Tobacco Absolute, with its rich mix of tobacco, cedarwood and grapefruit, which transports me to cosy nights by a fireplace during the colder months, enveloping me in warmth and comfort. But my favourite fragrance of late? As we arrive at the early days of spring, I’m reaching for the Sunlit Clementine & Vetiver collection; a concoction of citrusy notes and earthy undertones.

Molton Brown Fragrance in Bathroom

Because the brand holds such a special place in my heart, it’s no surprise that it’s found its way into my everyday life. Molton Brown’s luxurious fragrances have adorned my shelves for years, each one a little slice of indulgence in my daily routine. But what sets the Sunlit Clementine & Vetiver collection apart from other Molton Brown scents is its vibrant yet balanced composition. Whilst other fragrances from the brand offer their own unique experiences, this particular blend of clementine, neroli and vetiver embodies the essence of spring and summer, reminding me of the fruit my mum grows in her garden at this time of year, which makes the scent feel both familiar yet new. As a wearer of a lot of unisex fragrances, I also love the deeper notes of warm fig leaves and earthy bourbon.

Molton Brown fragrance in bathroom

Getting ready in the morning is my version of a daily ritual, a moment of quietude before the chaos of the day begins. I’ve always preferred to spray my perfume before getting dressed to set the tone for the day ahead. A spritz of Sunlit Clementine & Vetiver, before I begin my skincare and makeup routine, is now non-negotiable—it’s the first step of what I like to think of as my beauty dance. And it doesn’t stop there; incorporating the matching Bath & Shower Gel and Body Lotion from the collection adds another layer to my olfactory experience. These products have become staples in my daily routine, infusing every shower with the uplifting scent of clementine and vetiver, turning even a mundane task into a moment of indulgence. Sunlit Clementine & Vetiver is like a gentle nudge, reminding me to savour each moment and embrace the beauty in the everyday.

Editor spritzing perfume on the street

As a busy editor constantly on the move, having a travel-sized version of my fragrance along with the bottle is a game changer. The Sunlit Clementine & Vetiver collection not only offers a convenient mini bottle, but paired with the sleek magnetic travel case it makes the duo as chic as it is practical. Gone are the days of rummaging through my bag in search of a rogue perfume bottle or discovering a surprise scent explosion—thanks to Molton Brown, my signature scent stays securely stowed, ready to give me a pick-me-up whenever I need it.

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