I’m a Handbag-Obsessed Fashion Editor—This Is My All-Time Favourite

Welcome to I Can’t Live Without, our fashion feature series that celebrates the most loved items in our wardrobes. Here, the shoe lovers, bag worshippers and jewellery collectors who happen to be some of the world’s most stylish people will pen an ode to their most cherished piece and showcase exactly how they style it in their everyday life.

If I asked you what you couldn’t live without, what would you say? Your phone? A morning coffee? Maybe your pet cat? Whilst I won’t argue with all of the above, as a fashion editor, there are certain items in a wardrobe that I’m adamant life wouldn’t be the same without. A quality cashmere knit, a tailored wool coat or a pair of jeans that fit sublimely—I simply can’t imagine getting dressed without these capsule wardrobe heroes. When considering the staples that determine our style DNA, one should also contemplate our must-have accessories. I’d like to make a case for the wear-everywhere-with-everything designer handbag. It’s the one you reach for day after day that goes with everything without much thought. You dress it up, you pare it back and it’s attached to you like a third arm or a small child. For our fashion editor Remy Farrell, that bag is the Lana by Mulberry.

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