I'm a New Mum, These Are the Baby Products I've Been Recommended Again and Again

Starting the process of shopping for baby items can be extremely overwhelming. Take it from someone who’s just been through that exact process. There’s just so much out there. You could spend hours researching the best baby grows or bedside cribs due to the overwhelming number of options on the market. Of course, nothing beats a good firsthand recommendation, so to make the ‘preparing for a baby’ process a bit easier, I reached out to all of my mum friends to ask them to share the best baby products that genuinely made their lives as new parents more manageable. 

After finding the initial shopping process so stressful (I must have asked myself “but what do I actually need?!” one hundred times), and then feeling a lot more informed after all of my friends’ feedback, I thought it only fair that, as a Who What Wear editor, I share all the expert tips I’ve gathered along the way in the hopes that it will make your early days of parenthood a lot easier too. In my round-up below, you’ll find links to the best sleepsuits (you’ll never guess where they’re from), the best bottles, the best newborn buggy for city-dwellers and the car seat that got the seal of approval from so many experienced mums, along with so much more. 

Keep scrolling for a list of some of the top baby products on the market, as recommended by the real experts…

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