I'm Already Over Sandals—These Controversial Flats Are All I Can Think About

This week I’ve spotted a very specific footwear trend emerge on city streets. Retiring their strappy sandals that simply can’t withstand this summer’s drizzly forecast, fashion people have been reaching for the boat shoe trend to see them through the summer instead. Whilst there are plenty of interesting boat shoes on the market, I’ve specially seen Timberland’s Noreen boat shoes absolutely everywhere this season.

Styling them with white crew socks or colourful pairs, the underrated shoe trend is the 2024 summer staple I never saw coming. Originally designed to grip on to the slippery floor of a boat’s decking, it makes sense that we’re seeing this shoe trend more than usual right now, given the particularly wet summer we’re having.

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Already a mainstay of Instagram’s most stylish, this week I spotted Who What Wear UK’s Senior Fashion & Beauty Editor, Branded Content, Rebecca Rhys Evans styling a pair during a trip to Japan. Wearing hers with bermuda shorts, a white embroidered shirt and black sunglasses, Rhys Evans crafted a relaxed ensemble that could hold up for a days worth of exploring.

With a thick lug-sole and full-coverage design, Timberland’s hero shoes have stepped up as the hardy alternative to sandals, as well as a smarter option for when trainers just won’t do.

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Cropping up in London, Tokyo and Paris, the summer shoe trend has experienced a swell of love this season. Whilst previous years disregarded as the pairs as “dated” and instead shopped sleek loafers and trending ballet flats, this summer the sleek shoe is regaining it’s high-end status.

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