I'm in My Elegant Era—10 Classy and Trend-Proof Summer Looks I'm Devoting Myself to

It’s happening: Brighter colours have begun seeping into stores, cutouts have started cropping up on dresses and prints are coming into bloom. As far as brands are concerned, summer has arrived, and although the forecast might not seem so certain, the forthcoming warm-weather season is all I can think about.

With a holiday in June that sets the tone for a busy few months ahead, I’m already starting to mentally prep summer outfits in my mind. The thing is, it’s easy to get swept up in the trends at this time of year. They’re all incredibly fun and tempting, but if my 13-years spent as a fashion editor have taught me anything, it’s that summer trends tend to be more frivolous and fleeting than any other trends do, and often don’t feel relevant by the time the next summer rolls around. This is not what we stand for at Who What Wear. Yes, we like to guide you towards fresh looks you might not have considered trying otherwise but we’d never suggest you invest in items we know will likely have a short shelf life. This is how I shop personally, too, so, when it came to deciding which summer trends to spotlight for the season ahead, I assembled my edit with the idea that, yes, these are looks that feel current now but I know I’ll still love beyond 2024.