I'm On the Hunt For New Yet Timeless Summer Accessories—These 6 Are at the Top of My Wishlist

After the initial excitement of a change of season, and the enthusiasm it brings to dig out old favourites and swap the layers for linen, getting dressed everyday can begin to become a bit formulaic. We all start to gravitate towards certain dresses, sets and so on that we know look good, fit well, and suit the occasion, whether that’s a day in the office or an afternoon catching up with friends at the pub. And even as I scroll through Instagram, I see my favourite tastemakers turning to the same staples time and time again. This makes sense, and is the kind of sustainable approach we should all be emulating—we don’t need to be rushing every season to fill our wardrobe with new styles just because, after all. But how do these stylish faces manage to keep their daily looks feeling fresh and cool, even when rotating the same wardrobe fundamentals?

The answers is: accessories. And this season, there’s an exciting slew of new trending pieces that are upgrading even the simplest outfit formulas.

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After some extensive scrolling (and people watching—sorry if you caught me staring at your outfit this week), I think I’ve identified a few key accessory trends that are standing out this season. Some of them are fun revivals of nostalgic trends, such as the Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe-inspired silk scarves tied over the head, or the contemporary twist on the classic pearl necklace. Others are sleek styles that will certainly suit the lifelong minimalist, including sculptural cuff bracelets and the timeless raffia tote, which has been reimagined this season in a range of silhouettes and colours.