James Nixon joins TRG as the agency expands to projects

James Nixon has joined The Rubinstein Group (TRG), as the agency branches out into projects for the first time.

TRG Projects is a specialised division of the group, established to create quality residential and commercial spaces.

Mr Nixon comes to the role with about 15 years experience, including four years leading a Potts Points projects agency.

He also has extensive residential and commercial sales experience.

Mr Nixon said he was excited to join TRG.

“My main focus will be working with developers, finding development sites, selling development sites and then winning back the project and working in project marketing and reselling the development,” he said.

Mr Nixon said he had known TRG Founder Gavin Rubinstein for many years and the prospect of him joining the team was a conversation they kept returning to. 

“The appeal for me with TRG is just how progressive the office is,” he said.

“It would be one of the most progressive offices in the country. 

“They set a new standard for everything they do and I love the detail and level of marketing they do, all from the same office.”

Mr Nixon said his strengths as an agent, particularly in the development space, were the relationships he built and cherished with clients.

“It’s about building really good relationships with landowners, but also with developers,” he said.

“The key is really listening to what they’re looking for.

“Truly listening and then having an intimate knowledge of the market and an intimate knowledge of the processes.

“What sets me apart is the knowledge base and building relationships that last much longer than just one transaction.”

Mr Nixon admitted that working in projects could be difficult, but he loved nothing more than a challenge and it was his aim to become a trusted consultant to every client. 

“It’s hard, but it’s so rewarding at the same time,” he said.

“I really love the creative side of it and working with architects, working with interior designers and seeing (projects) come together from a concept stage, just a block of land, to handing over the keys to a new apartment, which is someone’s new home.”

Over the years, Mr Nixon said it wasn’t unusual for developers to reach out to him for his thoughts on floor plans or finishes in a development, as well as market insights such as square metre rates.

“You essentially do become more of a consultant rather than a traditional real estate agent,” he said.

Mr Nixon’s appointment comes after Nicole McGee joined TRG as general manager and Oliver Lavers rose to partner in recent months.

Mr Rubinstein said the timing was right to launch TRG Projects, which would focus on boutique apartment developments in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs.

“I definitely noticed a correlation between my network clientele, who live and own in some of these big houses, having desires to downsize and buy luxury property in and around the area, all on one level,” he said.

“TRG Projects has been designed to act as an arm to continue to support our clientele.

“There’s such a connection between people I know and I’m in touch with or have sold for, who want these whole level, luxury units to downsize to.

“It’s a double deal really, because you sell them a luxury unit and then they end up selling their house.

“So it’s just a natural process.”

Mr Rubinstein said Mr Nixon was a great addition to the team and perfect for the role. 

“He’s a good man,” he said.

“James does a bit of everything, from raw sites, off-the-plan, he sells commercial and he also does resi sales.

“He sold a property in Bellevue Hill in December last year for $35 million. 

“So he’s got good experience, a good network and he just wants to underpin it all with the right support and right brand. 

“And TRG is that brand.” 

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