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Jay Leno had surgery to treat’significant burns’, a physician said

Jay Leno had one procedure for burn injuries. According to his doctor, Jay Leno will have a second surgery later in the week.

Leno is an avid car collector and was working under a vehicle when he was set on fire by a gasoline flame. Dr. Peter Grossman treated Leno during Wednesday’s press conference.

He said that when he was pulled from underneath the car, it was noticed that he had quite severe burns on his face and hands.

Grossman observed that Grossman’s burns included his chest, hands and face.

After the incident, Leno was taken first to a local hospital. Then, he was transferred to the Grossman Burn Center Los Angeles.

Leno’s wife, Leno, has been there by him and is “obviously very worried,” said the doctor. Grossman said that his injuries include a mix of second-degree and possibly third-degree burns.

“Some burns to the skin are more severe and serious. They are currently experiencing a progression of deep second- and third-degree burns on the face. “We hope we can stop them from progressing through these alternate treatments, which include good wound care, hyperbaric oxygen and aggressive sassamic management,” he said.

He said that Jay leno is Jay, he walks around, he cracks jokes,” and noted that the comedian was “incredibly kind” towards the hospital staff.

He said, “His injuries were serious, but his condition is good.” “I do anticipate him making a full recovery.”

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