Logitech adds programmable ChatGPT shortcuts to its mice and keyboards

Logitech has rolled out a new software tool called Logi AI Prompt Builder, which gives you quick access to ChatGPT’s features. You first have to link a specific key on your keyboard or a button on your mouse with the tool from within the Logi Options+ software. After that, you can use that key or button as a shortcut to summon the prompt builder when you need it.

The tool window pops up when you call it, populated with the text you’ve highlighted. It already has functions or “recipes” you can use, such as Rephrase, Summarize and Create Email, that will base their results on the text you’ve selected. However, you can create your own recipes, as well, including one that can generate images. From within each feature, you can also adjust the result’s length and tone until you get one that fits your needs. It could help prevent disruption to your workflow if you do use AI tools frequently. And if you don’t, well, maybe OpenAI is hoping that this could lessen friction and get you to use ChatGPT.

Logitech says you can access the Logi AI Prompt Builder if you have one of its keyboards and mice that support the English language version of the Logi Options+ app, including its MX, Ergo, Signature and Studio Series devices. But take note that having one of its more recent models isn’t a guarantee that you’ll be able to access it: The Verge says they had to get a new mouse, because their 2022 M557 model was deemed too old to access the tool.

One model that’s sure to be able to conjure the prompt builder is the newly launched Logitech Signature AI Edition Mouse, which already has a dedicated button for it. You can only get the accessory from its website in the US and the UK starting this month for $49.99 and £54.99, respectively.

Earlier this year, Microsoft introduced a dedicated keyboard key to summon Copilot, which is also powered by OpenAI’s technology. The company said Copilot keys are slated to appear in new PCs coming this spring, as well as in future Surface devices.

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