Meet The Bougiest, (Yet Surprisingly Affordable) Lingerie Trend I've Been Loving

Much like anything form-fitting, or that requires fasteners to put on, bras have taken a backseat in my clothing lineup. It wasn’t exactly an intentional fashion exile on my part: but when most office days include settling in on the couch with stretchy pants, it’s easy to disregard them as a vital part of a weekday wardrobe. After months of barely even looking at a bra, I decided to give them another go in an attempt to get out of my much too relaxed pajama pants uniform. I found that even when I’m throwing on the same button-down or turtleneck for the second time in a week, and happen to scarcely leave my apartment, a bra at least provides some pretense of feeling put together. And an option that can’t help but make you feel good? Welcome to the wonderful world of the silk bra.

Much like how a silk shirt instantly creates an air of elegance, silk bras pretty much do the same when it comes to lingerie. They’re a little dose of luxury that quickly lifts my mood–even if I’m the only one who knows I’m wearing it. With that said, I’m sure you too could use a little something to lift your spirits, so I’ve put all of the internet’s best silk bras in one place. From bralettes to those of the push-up variety, scroll below to peruse and shop all of the ones I’m loving right now. 

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