Mend Split Ends, Kick-Start Hair Growth… Is There Anything This Underrated Hair Oil Can't Do?

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Oh, the mighty avocado. It’s not only the star ingredient in some of our favorite recipes (Guac! Avo toast! Smoothies!) but also an impressive haircare hero. Yep, stay with me here. The oil, which is compressed from the pulp of the fruit, is supercharged with nutrients that can literally transform the look and feel of your locks. It might not be as popular as scalp-stimulating rosemary or shine-inducing argan, but trust me, I wouldn’t sleep on avocado—it’s a universal crowd pleaser brimming with hair benefits.

To learn more about these perks, I consulted a certified trichologist and a professional hairstylist on all things avocado oil, including their expert recommendations for the best avocado-spiked products. Keep scrolling—your strands will thank you!

The Benefits of Avocado Oil for Hair

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