Move Over, Bobs—the French Pixie Cut Is Making a Comeback This Winter

When I think of a pixie haircut, I’m instantly transported to the 2000s, when the likes of Rihanna, Victoria Beckham and Frankie Bridge convinced us to emulate their short cropped styles. But now, the pixie haircut is making yet another comeback and its giving French-girl chic. In fact, searches for ‘French pixie haircut’ are up over 3000% year-on-year, and ‘pixie cut’ has over one billion views and counting on TikTok. So, we’re not seeing this haircut going away anytime toon.

There are so many variations of the pixie haircut. Some have longer lengths at the front for a face-framing fringe, while others can be super-cropped and choppy, giving this haircut plenty of texture. If you’re feeling the call of the salon, then scroll ahead to see the best pixie haircuts I’ve screen-grabbed. 

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