My Summer Maintenance Routine Is Strategic and Affordable—Here's the 411

I’m a nosy editor. I interact with a lot of gorgeous people on a daily basis, so I’m often wondering: How do they smell so good? How do they achieve such a bright, sparkly smile? Are they wearing foundation, or is their skin just *that* glowy? I need to know every beauty product these people use—even the less sexy products—so I can try them myself. You’d be surprised—more often than not, they’re relying on affordable yet effective drugstore products, not the $200 gold-infused face cream some celebrity dreamt up one night on a whim. I stock up on all these “unsexy” but entirely necessary beauty products at CVS (a no-brainer), especially since they’re 20% off when I choose same-day delivery or pickup. You can discover some of my absolute favorites below.

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