Nearly Everyone I Know Owns This One Timeless Summer Essential—These Are My Favorites

Woman wears long denim shorts with black and white striped cardigan.

New York has just entered the perfect time of year—or, what I like to refer to as “peak denim shorts” season. Summer is rounding the corner in the city and, thanks to the high temperatures and our changing closets, there’s not a single item I’m more excited to pull out of storage than my classic denim shorts.

There’s dozens of denim shorts and jean shorts out there for every kind of sartorial taste— dark wash, light wash, micro minis and bermudas—but one thing all fashion people can agree on is that when the temperatures rise, the denim shorts come out to play. Not only is the classic cutoff style timeless throughout the ages, spanning as far back as the late ’60s, but they go with practically anything in your wardrobe—t-shirts, cardigans, button-downs, and lacy linen tops are all no exception.

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