REI 4th of July Sale: 34 Best Deals on Outdoor Apparel and Camping Gear

Great news for anyone looking to get outside this summer: REI, the outdoor superstore with a seemingly endless catalog of Extremely Useful Things, just kicked off its annual 4th of July sale.

And with over 7,000 products discounted, this year’s selection is deeper than the Grand Canyon, which is why we thought we’d parse it for you to find the very best, most essential, most adventure-elevating stuff in the mix. But you better move quickly, as this one ends right after the fireworks do.

Our Favorite REI 4th of July Deals

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Best Apparel Deals


Cormac Crew SS Shirt

If you plan on exerting yourself outdoors this summer, you’d benefit from something more breathable, quick-drying and thermoregulating than anything a cotton tee can offer. The Arc’teryx Cormac does all of that, plus it’s odor-resistant, which is huge if you have any plans after.


SF Sun Shirt

Some of the best technical apparel is completely content to Trojan Horse itself into silhouettes you already know and love. Take this ultra-breathable, moisture-wicking button-up from Fjallraven. Alongside secret zippered pockets and a bit of stretch, it’s also got all the standard button-down details to let you enjoy a post-commute drink without feeling like you need a costume change.

The North Face

Sunriser T-Shirt

Normally, the simpler the T-shirt, the better. The Sunriser is not simple, but it is better, especially in the heat. Functioning like a constant breeze, it’s got body-mapped FlashDry-Pro™ fabric along the back and pits to minimize sweat retention in the places it matters most, and turbo-drying FlashDry material everywhere else.


Lightweight Synchilla Snap-T Fleece Pullover

We’re having some trouble wrapping our heads around buying a fleece right now too, but it still gets chilly at night in the mountains—and you know the seasons will change eventually. And when they do, you’ll have a brand new, all-time great fleece on deck. And, more importantly, one that you got half off.

Darn Tough

Hiker Micro Crew Cushion Socks

Wearing the wrong socks on the trail can ruin your entire day. Darn Tough socks, which are made in the USA from a merino wool-dominant blend, are about as good as walking socks get. Designed to handle the rigors of the backcountry—and wear-tested on the burly-ass Vermont Long Trail—they’ll take care of your feet so well that you’ll forget  they’re going through hell.


Atom Insulated Hoodie

The Mount Rushmore of  outdoor apparel items—stuff you see wherever you go, worn by people of every skill level—features Patagonia Baggies, Merrell MOABs, and Atom hoodie from Arc. As a mid-layer, it works harder than the coat on top of it; as a jacket, it effortlessly handles three seasons, sometimes four depending on where you live. And it rarely goes on sale.

REI Co-op

Trailmade Rain Jacket

Raincoats sometimes cost a lot for the right reasons—after all, they’re performance garments, with quality materials and construction can significantly boost that performance. But a great one doesn’t *have* to cost a fortune, and this (now under $40) one from REI Co-op still has sealed seams, a breathable double-layer waterproof shell, and enough bells and whistles to keep you dry when things get wet.

The North Face

Class V Pathfinder Belted Shorts

Patagonia Baggies and Vuori Cores may get more attention, but the Class V Pathfinder is one of the most underrated nylon shorts out there. They do everything that those styles do, but they also have two zipped cargo pockets alongside their built-in belt. They also dry lightning-quick, so they’re awesome in the river, the ocean, or (let’s be real) the pool.


Session Quarter-ZIp Shirt

We may not bein peak quarter-zip season, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have utility year-round—this one from Rhone, for example, offers you 50+ UPF protection for the days you stay out in the sun a little too long. It’s also got built-in odor-resistance, a breathable construction, and so lightweight you’ll barely feel it in your beach tote.

Topo Designs

Retro River Shorts

You don’t need to take these Topo Designs shorts on a full-scale adventure to make ‘em sing, but man do they rip once they’re in the wild. They have all the pockets a hiker could ever dream of, are designed to get wet (and dry quickly), come with two-way stretch for added mobility, and there’s even a climbing-style webbed belt to keep everything hiked up just right throughout the day.

Topo Designs

Global Tek Crew Shirt

If you haven’t heard, most shirts barely lift a finger when it comes to blocking harmful UV rays. The Global Tek Crew Shirt, however—also from the fabric nerds at Topo Designs—puts its whole back into the task, clocking in with 30+ UPF protection. Plus, the fabric is moisture-wicking and significantly less stuffy than cotton.


Outdoor Everyday 7″ Shorts

The Patagonia Baggies’ number has already been immortalized in the rafters while they’re still on the floor, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other Patagonia shorts deserving of our attention. Particularly, their Everyday Shorts, which come in a touch longer than Baggies—no bad thing, according to the Great Inseam Discourse of 2024—have two extra cargo pockets, and are also made with a water-friendly nylon.

Best Camping and Outdoor Deals

REI Co-op

Camp Roll Table

Sometimes, a rock won’t cut it. Or a stump. Or anything not perfectly flat, really. In that case, you’ll be glad you have this table, which measures 27” wide and 27” tall when unfolded, but folds down to smaller than a yoga mat when it’s packed away. And if you don’t have a camping trip planned, there are zero rules against taking this to the park.

The North Face

Wawona 6-Person Tent

This tent has a vestibule. There are (probably) more important things we could’ve led with, but it’s a detail that reveals how souped-up this design really is, along with the hybrid double-wall construction that keeps out the weather, super tall ceilings, the space to sleep six (6!!), and a crazy strong DAC MX set of poles. And even with all that, itweighs just 20 lbs. 15 oz. when packed up.


Roo Double-Recycled Hammock

Most rope hammocks require a full installation, and at least a passing understanding of proper weight distribution. That’s all charming to become an expert at, but this one weighs less than two pounds, can hold 500 pounds, and goes up in a second. (One note: the anchor straps aren’t included, but also aren’t expensive.)


x Parks Project Playmate 16qt. Cooler

Speaking of venerable outdoor products, the Igloo cooler has been keeping cold things cold for decades—and there aren’t many better at it. Made in the USA, this one comes with their renowned insulation, iconic “tent-top” design, and enough storage space for 30 ice-cold cans. If there’s anything more a cooler can do, we don’t want it.


Low Loveseat

The only camping furniture better than a packable chair might be a packable couch—especially when that packable couch has a steel frame with adjustable armrests, big ol’ cupholders, and weighs only 15 lbs.


Big Wall Collapsible Bucket

When you’re in need of a bucket at home, something’s probably gone wrong. When you’re trying to make the wilderness your home, however, buckets come in handy for fun reasons too (foraging, laundry toting, snack carrying). This one from the climbing legends at Metolius fully collapses, stands upright on its own, and has handles for when its contents need to get portable.

GSI Outdoors

Rakau Knife Set

Packing an entire kitchen’s worth of utility inside of a pouch the size of a tablet, this stainless steel knife set just might make you question the point of your knives at home. Including a paring knife, bread knife and a santoku chef knife, the set also comes with a sharpener, a microcloth cleaner and a bamboo cutting board.


Go Travel Coffee Press

There’s no way to prove this, but coffee brewed in the mountains tastes roughly 40% better than it does on a city commute. The only issue is how you brew it when you’re up there. This is how: an Aeropress weighs just 11.5 oz., makes three kinds of coffee incredibly well—American, cold brew and espresso-style—and packs away into a case the size of a mug.



Building a campfire from scratch is an essential skill, but that doesn’t mean that having a portable, contained one at the ready—that burns both wood and charcoal, has a lil’ fan to help with even burning, plus 51 air jets on top of that to supercharge the flame, and a grill to throw on top of it all—wouldn’t win you that most popular camper award..

GSI Outdoors

Glacier Base Camp Cookset

Perhaps to go with it, this cookset from GSI Outdoors comes with a 3L pot, a 2L pot, a frying pan with a foldable handle, and two strainer lids—and all of it packs down into the big pot. Nice.

Best Accessory Deals


Reverb PivLock Sunglasses

When it comes to eyewear that goes fast and sees everything—whether that’s on snow or on more solid ground— few can handle the extremes better than Smith, and the Reverb PivLock is one of their best new frames. The lightest glasses Smith makes, they come with two interchangeable lenses and a lifetime warranty.


Personal Towel

Is there a need to distinguish between bath towels and those that see the outside world? That’s a personal preference, but this one is very much designed for outside the home. It’s made from a quick-drying microfiber that soaks up a bunch of water but doesn’t retain it for long—perfect for the sauna, pool, beach, lake, whatever you feel like getting into.

Mountain Hardware

Exposure2 GORE-Tex Infinium Rain Hat

Rain can be fun, but rain lashing your eyes is never the one. You could carry an umbrella in your backpack, but carrying an umbrella… also no fun. Enter the Rain Hat from Mountain Hardware: it’s got a brim wide enough to keep the rain out of your face, is sheathed in hard-hitting, water-repelling GORE-Tex, and folds up into a back pocket once things let up.


Farpoint 40 Travel Pack

Some backpacks are mere receptacles, others are designed to haul sh*t. Engineered to actually lighten your load, this compact joint from Osprey evenly distributes the weight of whatever you might be lugging across your entire back, allowing its frame to take a significant load off of you as well. Let’s hear it for teamwork.

Mystery Ranch

Gallagator 25 Pack

Mystery Ranch has been executing a stealth climb up the backpack rankings in recent years. The Gallagator’s daisy chains, fully-loaded pocket selection and streamlined “3-Zip” design make it not only one of their best,  but one of our favorite lightweight backpack options, period. The fact that it’s sustainably made with recycled materials takes it to another level. The price tag now being under $100 shoots into the stratosphere.


Pocket Blanket

Ultra-tough, insanely-packable fabrics are Matador’s bread and butter. This weighs less than a Big Mac, fits two to four people when unpacked, and folds down into the palm of your hand. It is, quite literally, a pocket blanket. The only problem you might encounter would be losing it inside your tote.


Moab 3 Hiking Shoes

The Moab acronym stands for ‘Mother of All Boots’ for a reason. Or for reasons. For starters, they’re all-day comfy and super sturdy, which is something you notice when you’re navigating bumpy, rocky trails. They also have a cheeky membrane that locks out water while still allowing moisture to escape, letting you stomp through any puddles you want.. Oh, and the outsole has more grip than most snow tires.


Z/2 Classic Sandals

While the debate between Big Toe Sling and No Sling will rage amongst Chaco enthusiasts long after this sale ends, we’re in a bit of a sling mood. Wherever you fall, no one makes an all-terrain adventure sandal quite like Chaco does, which is why they’re worth it at full price, let alone with this heavy discount.


Targhee III Hiking Shoes

Sleek hikers have been on a run, but that doesn’t mean the tanks aren’t as tough as they ever have been. These Keen Targhee III’s, for instance, have a waterproof membrane that will keep your feet dry and an outer that—much like Dr. Alan Grant—would’ve made it to the end of every Jurassic Park.

La Sportiva

TX Hike GTX Hiking Shoes

La Sportiva makes some of the best—not to mention coolest—approach, climbing and hiking shoes on the planet, and the TX Hike GTX might be the best of their specific bunch. Made with an Air Mesh upper that’s both lightweight and tough as nails, they’re also lined with a GORE-Tex membrane to keep your feet dry but never hot.


12″ Elite Boots

If the conditions are fear-inducing, you won’t want to enlist even your regular hikers for the job—not only will you wreck ‘em, you might wreck yourself too. Grab some of these XTRATUFs instead, which have an oil- and chemical-resistant upper, and  four-way stretch collar.


600 Leaf GORE-Tex Hiking Boots

It’s hard to imagine boots more wear-tested than Danner’s, and among those, the Mountain 600 Leaf sits near the top. Made with some of the hardest-wearing leather on the planet, they come outfitted (all together now) with a GORE-Tex liner, and are capped off with a Vibram Fuga outsole that has what they call a “Megagrip compound” for absurd traction.

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