Review: Samsung's Bespoke Jet Vacuum Handles the Dirty Work

On price, they’re both…expensive. The Bespoke Jet AI costs $1,000 at retail (though we’re seeing it for $750 on sale, as of publication). Dyson’s base-model Gen5Detect costs $950, and reaches $1,050 for a bigger-batteried, heavier model.

On pure numbers, The Jet AI nominally beats the Gen5Detect base model’s power (280 air watts to 262), but boasts a longer battery life (100 minutes versus 70 minutes) and a lighter design (6.3 to 7.72 pounds, a 23% difference that could add up if you’re doing multiple rooms). If you’re interested in some vacuum industry tea, Dyson originally announced its Gen5Detect line would deliver 280 air watts, and confirmed as much via a third-party laboratory. But now the official product page now lists its suction power as 262 air watts. I KNOW. It’s worth noting, GQ doesn’t have a lab, so we have to take Samsung and Dyson at their words.

From here it’s down to bells and whistles. Dyson doesn’t mess around, bringing lasers. The British brand has started outfitting its flagship Gen5Detect and V15 vacuums with lasers to illuminate dust that’s otherwise invisible to the human eye. Dyson’s the only brand that has this feature, and it works effectively. The Bespoke Jet AI does get LED headlights in its updated design, which are helpful for lighting up dim corners and dirt on floors. The headlights are helpful, but as I said in my Dyson V15 review, the lasers make vacuuming feel like a video game.

Sure, Samsung’s primary whistle, the AI-automated cleaning modes, isn’t so spectacular. But I’m more partial to the self-emptying, auto-bagging clean station than Dyson’s laser. (The moment anyone introduces a self-standing cordless stick vacuum, my loyalty will be up for grabs, however.)

Is the Samsung Bespoke Jet AI Vacuum Worth $1,000?

Samsung’s Bespoke Jet AI vacuum retails for $1,000; the “base-model” Bespoke Jet (without the AI) retails for $700. Both prices are a lot to ask for a stick vacuum. As of this writing, both models are also on sale for Black Friday, for upwards of $250 less. That changes the math considerably. But in a ahem vacuum, I still think the Bespoke Jet models are worth it, whatever “it” happens to be, price-wise.

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