Scandi Women Have Great Taste—5 Chic Shoe Trends They're Wearing This Summer

At Who What Wear, we spend a lot of time chronicling French style down to the most minute detail but, today, I want to shift my focus onto another very stylish demographic. Scandi women—those who reside in Scandinavian countries including Denmark, Norway, and Sweden—are known for having great taste, and this is certainly true of the women I follow on social media. With the ability to blend current trends with timeless staples, Scandi fashion people craft a unique aesthetic that’s hard to emulate. Hard, but not impossible.

With summer hanging in the balance—seriously, what’s with the rain one minute and the blazing sunshine the next?—instead of analysing their outfits, I’ve decided to hone my research on their shoes. Even when the weather doesn’t hold up its end of the bargain, summer shoes have the ability to make anything you wear look and feel seasonally appropriate (when if you are having to reach for jeans and jumpers more than you’d like). Sharing a similar, changeable climate to our own, I was keen to discover which summer shoe trends Scandi women are prioritising right now. As expected, there’s a mix of what many of us would consider to be classic footwear options, as well as some more 2024-specific styles.