Sophie Turner’s Cool-Girl “Clavicut” Is My New Summer Hair Inspo

“I’m looking for something different, fresh, fun,” says Sophie Turner as she saunters through a sprawling chateau disclosed only as “somewhere in the South of France.” The actor stars in St-Germain’s new global summer campaign, a rom-com-inspired short film that documents Turner’s quest to find her “perfect match.” (Spoiler: It’s a tall, refreshing Hugo spritz.)

I share Turner’s sentiment. I, too, am looking for something new to spice up my summer, only my desire for change tends to result in a new beauty experiment. (Although, I’d be lying if I said that the bright cocktail doesn’t sound damn good right about now.) Luckily for me, the short film provides just the inspiration I need, with Turner sporting the trending haircut seen on an increasing number of fellow celebrities (like Gigi Hadid, Laura Harrier, and Selena Gomez, to name a few). In the one minute and 11 seconds it took to watch the video, I was officially sold. Below, find all the details on the bright, bubbly hairstyle that pairs wonderfully with Turner’s favorite spritz.

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I may always have beauty on the brain (hey, it’s my job!), but I immediately clocked Turner’s blonde, breezy “clavicut” within the first few seconds of the video. What is a “clavicut,” you ask? Well, it’s really just a “lob” (long bob) cut to your collarbone—aka, your clavicle. (Get it?) It falls into relaxed bob territory yet is long enough to pull into a ponytail if you so please. The result appears airy and effortless, the perfect South of France energy, and it’s great for embracing your natural texture—as opposed to more rigid bobs (such as the blunt Prada bob) that may require some polished styling.