Take Pride in These 8 New Graphic Novels Out in June

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There’s a lot to be happy about in June. The weather is enjoyably warm rather than unbearably hot like it will be in July and August. It’s Pride Month, when we get to celebrate each and every letter in the LGBTQIA+ acronym. And, of course, there are plenty of new comics to keep us occupied during the summer!

Today’s selections run the gamut from cute to creepy. If you want dark tales that examine the consequences of allowing our worst impulses to go unchecked, we’ve definitely got that. Or maybe you want to commemorate Pride Month with titles focusing on the experiences of queer people, both real and fictional — we’ve got you covered there, too. And I’m extra excited about the work that DC is releasing this month: it’s a beautiful reimagining of a classic yet seriously underrated character.

As always, please double-check the release dates before rushing off to buy the titles listed here, as the unpredictable world of publishing means that these dates could be pushed back (or even up) at short notice. Whether you pick up these titles this month or any other, you are sure to keep thinking about them long after you reach the final page.

cover of Barda by Ngozi Ukazucover of Barda by Ngozi Ukazu

Barda by Ngozi Ukazu (June 4)

This heartfelt comic brings the Fourth World to life in a whole new way! Big Barda has trained all her life to become a fierce warrior, yet she retains an inconvenient streak of mercy and an insatiable curiosity about the world beyond her hellish home planet of Apokalips. When she is tasked with guarding a special prisoner — the ever-optimistic and stubborn Scott Free — Barda might finally have the chance to learn what love really is…if she is willing to risk everything she has ever known.

Becoming Who We Are coverBecoming Who We Are cover

Becoming Who We Are, Edited by Sammy Lisel and Hazel Newlevant (June 4)

It seems like every headline about trans people is a negative one, dealing with the discrimination they face from all levels of society. But while the difficulties of being trans or gender-nonconforming are very real, they are not the whole story. In this uplifting anthology, you’ll hear from ordinary people about what it was like to grow up trans (even if they didn’t realize at the time that that’s what they were doing) and the satisfaction they have found in being themselves.

the deep dark book coverthe deep dark book cover

The Deep Dark by Molly Knox Ostertag (June 4)

Mags is a girl with a lot of responsibilities and one big, terrifying secret. She believes the only way to live with that secret is by telling no one about it, so that’s exactly what she does…until an old friend comes back to town with her own secret and her own, much different hold on Mags. Can Mags and Nessa learn to trust each other enough to overcome both of their demons?

Second Hand Love coverSecond Hand Love cover

Second Hand Love by Yamada Murasaki (June 4)

These two classic manga stories revolve around infidelity and its consequences. In the first story, a woman deals with the end of her affair with a married man. In the second, an aging man and his daughter both deal with feelings of shame and regret stemming from their past, separate instances of unfaithful behavior.

brownstone book coverbrownstone book cover

Brownstone by Samuel Teer and Mar Julia (June 11)

Almudena is spending the summer with her father while her mother goes out of town. For most kids, that would not be so unusual. But Almudena has never met her dad, and what’s more, she knows nothing about his (and her) Hispanic heritage. As the summer wears on, she gets a crash course in what it’s like to be part of such a unique and vibrant community.

Fool Night Vol 1 coverFool Night Vol 1 cover

Fool Night Volume One by Kasumi Yasuda (June 18)

In this disturbing post-apocalyptic story, the sun has been obscured by thick, ever-present clouds. Desperate humanity has learned to turn people into plants in order to create oxygen. Kamiya is also desperate: he can no longer afford to take care of his mother, and so he starts to seriously consider undergoing the transfloration process. Will it work? And will it be worth the price?

Of Her Own Design coverOf Her Own Design cover

Of Her Own Design by Birdie Willis, Nicole Andelfinger, Jess Taylor, and Fiona Marchbank (June 18)

Brie has always used writing as a way of expressing her feelings, which would sure come in handy now that she’s dealing with a malicious old friend and a cute new crush. But when a magical cure for writer’s block goes awry and the entire community gets caught in the crossfire, Brie will have to learn to confront her problems directly, not just through prose.

Villain Actor Vol 1 coverVillain Actor Vol 1 cover

Villain Actor Volume One by Mikumo Seto and Kentaro Harada (June 25)

Ayumu has always wanted to be a hero, but fate has the exact opposite in store for him. When mysterious forces change him into Zero, a world-crushing supervillain, will he be able to keep hold of his heroic tendencies, or will Zero’s innate evil consume him? And why is there now a voice in his head directing his every move?

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