'The Bear' Just Spotlighted Another Extremely Sick Jacket

At this point, we all know that The Bear is as much about the highs of menswear as it is about the lows of working in a professional kitchen. From Luca’s T-shirts to Sydney’s overalls, the first two seasons were chock-full of grails. So it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that season three of the hit FX series would be stuffed with ’em too, thanks to Carmy’s rugged, wildly menswear-coded Ralph Lauren jacket.

We won’t discuss any spoilers here. All we’ll say is that during a surprisingly heartfelt conversation with his “uncle” Cicero, Carmy (played by Jeremy Allen White, of course) is spotted wearing one of his favorite white tees. Whether it’s from Whitesville, Merz b. Schwanen, or Hanes is irrelevant, because we couldn’t take our eyes off the number he’s wearing over it.

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RRL’s Cotton Deck jacket is inspired by classic nautical coats from the 1800s and 1900s. Crafted from a grosgrain-weave fabric, the inside is half-lined, and it’s (heh) decked out with Japanese buttons throughout. You’ll also find a corduroy collar and two deep pockets across the sides to store all of your stuff—compasses, wooden legs, etc.

It’s super clean and super understated. Considering Carmy’s restaurant wasn’t in the best financial situation to begin with, rocking a $700 jacket while spraying down the place doesn’t seem like the best use of cash. But we totally get it—this is a guy with a predilection for extremely rare denim and equally pricey wool jackets, after all. (Carmy: He’s just like us!)

If the buzz surrounding the latest season of The Bear is any indication, he’ll continues to inspire what goes on our backs as much as on our plates.

Ralph Lauren

RRL Cotton Deck Jacket

This story originally appeared on British GQ with the title ‘Every guy’s gonna want Carmy’s Ralph Lauren jacket from The Bear season 3’.

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