The Best Pillows on Amazon for Blissful Sleep in 2024

Best Memory Foam Pillow

This is one of those pillows that makes you feel as though you’re being embraced. By that, I mean that it doesn’t make you feel like you’re stuck and can’t move, but you do feel so fully supported that you don’t want to move. It bills itself as having an “orthopedic contour,” and in this case, that means that it has a little memory foam notch at the neck area that contours around your shoulders to aid your spinal alignment. It’s ideal for those with neck or back pain, and it can be used by side, back, or stomach sleepers. It’s also made of 100% high-density memory foam, and it has a super breathable cover so that you don’t feel like it’s holding in heat.

What About Other Customers?

On Amazon, this pillow has 4 stars and nearly 8,000 reviews. A few reviewers with diagnosed back and neck conditions mentioned that their chiropractors or doctors recommended this pillow to them. Generally, the complaints center around the level of firmness. A few people also reported that it was a little less cozy if you’re a side sleeper.

Best Travel Pillow


Small Memory Foam Pillow

While this would make an excellent pillow for kids as well, it’s great for those who want a smaller-than-average option to take on a plane or have in their hotel rooms. Not only is it smaller and lighter, the supportive memory foam is sure to offer lots of support if you’re on a plane or train trip. The cover is also cooling and washable, so you don’t have to worry about it holding in heat or germs. This is also a great feature for travel since you’ll definitely want a washable cover that can be refreshed after touching different surfaces during travel.

What About Other Customers?

With more than 1,600 Amazon reviews, this pillow still has 4.5 stars. The majority of the reviews say it’s smaller for travel, with some even reporting that they can roll it up and fit it inside a suitcase or backpack. Negative reviews center around the firmness of the pillow.

The Best Contoured Pillow

ComfortFit Bed Pillow Curved

One of the best aspects of this pillow is that the same level of fill is available in three different versions, including classic, curved, and ultimate. The curved option features a large curve to accommodate your neck and shoulders, which is perfect for side and back sleepers who want to prioritize their alignment. The classic version is the same height as the curved one, but it would be ideal if you’re primarily a stomach or back sleeper. For those who like a super fluffy pillow, the ultimate includes three different removable inserts so that you can try out different heights and customize the pillow exactly to your liking. One to two inserts are ideal for stomach sleepers so your neck isn’t poised at an angle, while two to three inserts are ideal for side and back sleepers. All the options are filled with a down alternative made of microfiber that will help you avert any allergies to actual down feathers. Finally, they’re covered with brushed cotton that’s incredibly breathable and washable.

What About Other Customers?

This pillow has earned 4.5 stars after more than 11,000 customer reviews on Sleep Number’s site. A few customers reported that the king-sized version tended to lose its shape faster than the classic or contoured options. Overall, everyone has said that it maintains its shape well over time and provides the perfect amount of support and give.

The Best Firm Pillow

Coop Sleep Goods

Original Adjustable Pillow

Calling all fans of firm pillows! This pillow is available in both standard and king sizes, and while you can remove as much or as little of the filling as you want, firm pillow lovers have given it good reviews. The case is also super soft and washable thanks to its rayon and polyester blend. These materials also work to make sure there’s never a disruption of airflow, which means you will stay cool throughout the night.

What About Other Customers?

With more than 59,000 reviews and 4.5 star rating, you know this pillow is a good pick. Most reviewers love that it feels “squishy and soft” while maintaining a super firm feel. Many of the reviewers also said that it helped with their neck pain.

More Pillows on Amazon We Love


Adjustable Fill Kapok Pillow

The best pillows should be comfortable, naturally. Lucky for you, that’s exactly what we love about this pillow. Layla’s adjustable pillows are also designed to be cooling and versatile for all sleep positions, and they deliver in both categories. Reasonably priced for a set of two, each pillow is filled with a mix of shredded memory foam and natural kapok fibers (harvested from the seeds of the kapok tree). This pillow has proven to be a big hit among GQ reviewers, and it was included in the GQ 2022 Home Awards. Unlike other cooling pillows, Layla’s engineers put as much effort into designing a breathable cover as they did into designing a cooling pillow. The pillow is also adjustable, so if it’s too full and firm for your liking, simply remove some of the foam filling until you get it just right.

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