The High-Street Is Full of Pretty Party Dresses—These 30 Are Must Sees

The winter period is well underway, and soon enough you’ll be able to start your advent calendar countdown. The streets are lined with twinkling lights, and there’s a buzz in the air that only comes around this time of year. If you’re anything like me, you might be finding that your to-do list isn’t shifting much. Once one thing gets ticked off (I can smugly confirm all my presents are sorted), something else pops up (now to wrap them). In the chaos that comes from organising Christmas dinners, putting up trees, digging out the box of decorations and then consulting Youtube on how to fix a broken bulb, there’s more than enough to be getting on with. With all this and more to do, I’m happy to take something off your plate: party dressing ideas.

Whether you celebrate over December or not, there’s still plenty of reason to get dressed up. Office parties, birthday celebrations and, of course, ringing in the New Year mean there are a lot of excuses to get dressed up this season, or perhaps you just like to snap up a special piece when you see it. In my research, I found so many great high-street options that I’m dedicating the whole edit to it. Your purse, and wardrobe, will thank me. 

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