The Morning After: Microsoft pauses its creepy Recall AI feature

Microsoft has belatedly cottoned on to the whole “using AI to watch someone’s screen might be a bit creepy” thing. . Instead, it will limit previews to just members of its Insider program to better focus on their feedback. We all know what that means, right? It’s just going to fade into the ether until everyone forgets it ever happened.

— Daniel Cooper

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Promotional image for the Galaxy Watch FEPromotional image for the Galaxy Watch FE


Samsung’s Galaxy FE lineup offers a lot of what’s available in its flagship products with a much lower price. . The tradeoffs are sensible enough to make the price of $200 pretty darn compelling for some people.

Image of Segway's Navimow i105 robo mowerImage of Segway's Navimow i105 robo mower

Photo by Daniel Cooper / Engadget

Robomowers are expensive, require a lot of effort to install and aren’t exactly the set-and-forget dream you expect. Or at least, they used to be: Now, . It’s not perfect by any means, but it’s an easy way to turn a patch of ground into a manicured lawn without much effort on your part.

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