The One Denim Trend Katie Holmes Packed for Paris This Week

Compared to New York, London, and Milan, Paris Fashion Week has always had the dressiest attendees. Showgoers routinely dress to the nines when in the City of Light, and that’s particularly true during couture week. After all, they’re there to admire the pinnacle of fashion craftsmanship, so it makes sense that guests would go the extra mile with their outfits. That said, not everyone subscribes to this maximalist philosophy.

Attending the Patou RTW S/S 25 show in Paris this week, Holmes went for a decidedly chill approach in her dark-wash wide-leg jeans. Why change your style just because you’re in a new city? Holmes proved that you can make the right pair of jeans look chic for any occasion. Scroll down to see her new outfit and shop similar jeans for yourself.

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