This Is Officially the Best Butt-Lifting Shapewear on the Market

Fact: We love our bodies. But every now and then, we come across a moment where we want a little bit of extra control—especially where our butts are concerned. And for as many squats and lunges we do at the gym, having a butt like Jennifer Lopez or Beyoncé doesn’t come overnight. Luckily, when you want to give yourself an extra boost on short notice, there’s butt-lifting shapewear to help you out.

While you could always search for a pair of jeans that make your butt look the best it can be, why not do that with all your bottoms and dresses alike? After all, who wouldn’t want a little pick-me-up (sorry, we had to)? From classic briefs that will leave you with a seamless finish under all your clothes to sculpting shorts that provide complete support around your waist and thighs, scroll down to shop the shapewear that will make your backside look exceptionally good.

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