Unsung Hero: How Our Mother Made a Difference

Joining me on our Focus on the Family Broadcast “Unsung Hero: How Our Mother Made a Difference” are three siblings from the Smallbone family.

Rebecca St. James is a successful Christian solo artist who has recorded 10 studio albums, winning one Grammy Award and three Dove Awards. She also co-hosts our podcast called Practice Makes Parent, along with our Vice President of Parenting and Youth, Dr. Danny Huerta.

Also with us are Rebecca’s brothers Luke and Joel, who have won multiple Grammy and Dove Awards as the contemporary music group For King & Country.

All three say their achievements are the result of God’s grace, individual hard work and determination, and the perseverance they learned from their parents, who moved their family from Australia to America and overcame formidable circumstances.

After losing nearly everything in an economic downturn, the Smallbones left Australia in 1991 for Nashville, Tennessee. Times were tough. In place of beds, they stuffed sheets with winter clothes and pillowcases with sweaters. They also soaked dirty clothes in the bathtub and hung them outside to dry.

And yet, they never felt defeated. As they saw it, God could have opened doors for them in Australia, but He didn’t. Their move was an act of faith, walking through trial and testing into hope and a future.

The Smallbones’ incredible family story is now told in the movie Unsung Hero, in theaters this Friday, April 26.

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