We Asked The Experts—These Are the 5 Most Influential Lingerie Trends for 2024

It has to be said, there’s something about wearing a great set of lingerie that unlocks a new confidence for the wearer. No matter your shape, size, or style, slipping into something both beautiful and comfortable has the power to help our clothes sit better and us to walk a little taller, and even if you’re the only one who’s going to see it, its well worth investing in any piece of clothing that can make you feel quite so good.

Given the amount of thought we give to what we wear on a daily basis, it stands to reason that we should do the same with our underwear. As someone who has an embarrassing amount of comfortable but ill-fitting underwear filling my drawers, my resolution for the year is to start from scratch and invest in lingerie good enough to show off. So, where to begin? Naturally, with some expert insight, so I turned to some of the fashion industry’s leading names in lingerie to ask them what should be in my underwear drawer in 2024. 

“Lingerie trends for 2024 encapsulate a return to classic femininity through colour, 
fabrics and details which all radiate elegance,” notes Zoe Price-Smith, Chief Product Officer at Boux Avenue.”This year reveals a marked change in lingerie trends, where the last few years have
been characterised by bold looks in statement colours and experimental design, 2024 sees a return to
romance, and a more timeless and elevated look for your lingerie drawer, so you can invest in pieces that you’ll love to wear again and again.”

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