Wimbledon White Is My Vibe This Month—15 Crisp Pieces I'm Eyeing

As a tennis-loving fashion editor, I’m happy as a clam every time Wimbledon rolls around. I’m heavily invested in watching my favorite player’s matches, which began this week, but I’m equally enthralled with seeing what everyone’s wearing. I’m crossing my fingers that Kate Middleton will make an appearance in the stands alongside stylish regular attendees like Sienna Miller and Anna Wintour. While guests can wear anything they want, players must adhere to a strict all-white dress code while on court. Some may call this an outdated rule, but I’m a sucker for tradition, and I absolutely love a crisp all-white outfit this time of year.

Inspired by Wimbledon’s dress code, I decided to round up some easy outfit ideas that feature white from head to toe. One laid-back look includes an oversize T-shirt and extra-baggy jeans, while another showcases a top-and-skirt matching set that’s decidedly more polished. Scroll down for seven all-white outfit ideas for summer.


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