Zara Really Wants You to Wear These 6 Trends This Winter

I’ve spent years carefully crafting my winter wardrobe. I’ve chosen classic coats, knitwear that doesn’t date, quality boots that go way beyond one season and tailoring I can dress up or down. Still, I sometimes wish my winter wares packed a bit more of a fashion hit. I’m all about timelessness, but there is something to be said for adding a bout of trend-led appeal to your wares, particularly in winter when you spend a significant amount of your time wrapped up in practical layers. So with the idea of making my winter ensembles feel more timely, I thought I’d head on over to Zara to see the timely pieces the brand is recommending for the season ahead.

Zara is the first place I turn when I want something of the moment. The brand doesn’t merely follow the trends laid out by designers. It starts its own, and I was eager to find out which it’s backing for 2023.

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